Miss Cindy's Wedding

When Quincy started kindergarten five and a half years ago, we were nervous. Kim, especially, prayed for God to bless Q with Christian friends. At the end of the parents’ meeting (Miss) Sindy approached Kim to tell her that she would be Q’s English teacher. Sindy went on to explain that she saw on our paperwork that we are missionaries. She was so excited to tell Kim that she was a Christian, too, and that she couldn’t wait to have Quincy in her class. As she was an answer to our prayers, we soon realized that we (especially Kim) were also an answer to hers. She has told Kim in the past that she knows Kim has a completely different ministry here, but sometimes she thinks God sent us to Guadalajara just for her. She has had years of heartache and struggle. But God’s not let go.

This last weekend she invited us to take part in her wedding, where we were to present the couple with a bible and share a blessing with them. Her husband, Oscar, had little interest in God but has recently begun to ask more serious questions. We wish you’d add Oscar and Sindy to your prayers, that God will work in their marriage, moving both closer to him.

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tim rush said...

Karsyn is pictured with Cindy's grandpa. Karsyn sat with him and fell in love with him. She held his hand the whole time.