Saying Goodbye to Greg

We said goodbye last week to our last AIM apprentice, Greg Bell. After serving in Guadalajara for over 20 months, Greg returned to Texas. We are going to miss Greg as he’s become part of the family. It was a bit heart breaking when Quincy offered to sell all his toys and give the money to Greg if it would help him stay. (Seriously, how do you turn that down?)

Though we were sad to see Greg go, it’s heart warming to realize the fruit he’s leaving behind. Many from our youth group are now trying to make plans to go to AIM.

We don’t know what will happen with these plans, but it is obvious that they are a result of their admiration for Greg, Zach and our other AIMers. Our youth have seen young people willing to sacrifice for God’s mission and they’ve been inspired to do the same.

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tim rush said...

Kim made special cupcakes for the kids for their birthdays last year. Greg saw the book she was using as her guide and said he wanted the starrynight cupcakes for his birthday.

He didn't get them for his birthday, but Kim surprised him with the cupcakes the night before he left.