Interesting Quote

I read this in The Shaping of Things to Come and thought it was interesting. It is The Gospel and Our Culture Network (GOCN)’s definition of missional church.

“The missional church represents God in the encounter between God and human culture. It exists not because of human goals or desires, but as a result of God’s creating and saving work in the world. It is a visible manifestation of how the Good News of Jesus Christ is present in human life and transforms human culture to reflect more faithfully God’s intentions for creation. It is a community that visibly and effectively participates in God’s activity, just as Jesus indicated when he referred to it in metaphorical language as salt, yeast, and light in the world.”

Don’t know about you, but I like it for any church.


Terry Rush said...

The thing I like about most ideas of community is whatever part finally moves us to the market-place. Today all generations of believers seem to really hunger to find that part of the church which gets them to the people in the ditch. How awesome God is still calling us to see those around...and some are doing something about it.....like you and Kim!

Terry Rush said...

I feel there should be more comments, so I want to say I agree with what Terry wrote earlier!

Terry Rush said...

Those first two guys are so on target! I agree wholeheartedly!

Angie said...

I have to concur... The first three commenters are really hitting the nail on the head of the nose or whatever...

Tim, that quote is so right. I think Christianity on the whole is letting go of our misplaced focus on Sunday church and finally realizing this is where it's at. It's only when we approach our lives intentionally Monday through Saturday that our Sunday church comes to life!

I don't know if this will come off right, but when I had the misplaced focus, it was a very subtle thing. I wasn't good on Sunday and bad the rest of the time... but I was always aiming everything toward getting someone baptized or getting them to come to church. The difference now is that those things are the byproducts of missional living. I had a good heart and no doubt God used my efforts, but things were twisted. I'm so thankful He's been patient with me and given me time to untangle a few things.

I sure do love Him.