Favorite Names

What is your favorite name for God? I've never really pondered this question though I think I've always liked God Will Provide or God Is With Us.

For the last couple of years though, I've been a big fan of Happy Father. Quincy mis-heard a friend's prayer and thought they were addressing God as Happy Father, instead of Holy Father. ...and it stuck. I love that in Q's pure little mind it makes total sense to address the all-powerful creator of the world as Happy Father. Now, the twins are beginning their prayers in the same way.

I've never really considered how I address God before, but I'm going to change that in my personal time with God. I'm going to use Bible names and I'm going to use personal relationship names.

God is my Redeemer. My God Loves me. Happy Father. My Father is Happy with me.

What about you? What is your favorite name for God?


heather said...

One of mine is made up too. He's the God of "not so coincidences". Hindsight often makes my understanding of God so much bigger, and the view into my future more intriguing. I love that about Him.

tim rush said...
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Jeanne said...

My first thought was my Protector and Shelter from a time in my life when I was so fearful of so much. I'm rarely afraid anymore, PRAISE GOD!! It hadn't occurred to me to me to change my personal name for Him. My Provider and Sustainer come to mind, but I really like Happy Father! I remember when I first saw the Matthew film series and the visual image of Jesus with his head thrown back in laughter! How I love that image!! It had never occurred to me that God rejoices just like the rest of us do. I knew the scriptures say that He rejoices over us and delights in His children, but to see Him as happy had never even connected with my brain. Now my brain gets it and my heart loves it! That has been a precious awakening to me and I'm choosing the Quincy version!

Bill said...

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tim rush said...

Heather, Tried to comment back at ya earlier but my own blog wouldn't allow it. So I emailed you. I'm fearfully excited about an intriguing future!

Jeanne, it is so fun to hear other's names that ring especially to them. Makes me want to adopt them... I think I will.

Trey Morgan said...

Kids teach us so much about God (Luke 18:17) ... I know God so much better after having children.

Have a great week -


Brenda said...

I think it depends on my mood or situation. There are many times that I need to talk to Him and depending on what I'm going through at the time, I cry out a different name. He could be the deliver, protector, my hope, My mighty God or morning star. I don't have a unique one that I have made up, but at different times, I never know what I may call him.

tim rush said...

Hey Trey, always fun to read your comments. I can't think of what Luke 18:17 says off hand. I'm anxious to check it out.

tim rush said...

Brenda, I think it is cool that you are in the habit of using names. So much more personal than my standard, "Dear God".

Sarah said...


I really want to meet your kids. I bet they're awesome!


tim rush said...

Sarah, what I didn't mention about Q's prayer was his usual closing remark. "And thank you for all the good guys including you and Zeka." (Zeka is our dog.)

I don't see myself annexing that part of the prayer.

Wendy said...

I think I'm going to start using Happy Father. I also like it when Quincy thanks God for the letter Q. God probably enjoys that too.

tim rush said...

Yea, this prayer has been brought to you by the number 5 and the letter Q

Sarah said...

I just got to look at the picture of you guys at the bottom of your page. What a good-looking family you have! Your kids are too cute!

MommaFlee said...

hey timmy! so so glad that you guys had a great break and time with your family. i know that had to be very refreshing. Q seems like such a sweet kid. i wish i could be around your kiddos...and your wife too! well, and you too! Ha.

i really love that song "Wonderful, Merciful Saviour, precious Redeemer and Friend..." I love that God is my friend. I can let down all barriers with him! I'm very thankful for that.

Thanks for sharing that about Q!

Give my love to Kim! Blessings to you guys this new year!

Love you both...flee

Jeff said...

Hey Tim,
I just have to voice the joy it brings me to see your "hidden" Sesame Street humor... I caught it, I laughed, and I like it!

When are you guys coming back or are you back? Did you get the "stolen" gloves while you were there or did they miss? this is sounding like an email so if you want to address these things there just do it.

Like mamaflee... I like a song called "When God ran" and it starts out with many of the beautiful names of God and it touches me to know and say these names to him realizing he is our everything... So maybe I could say, Dear everything..??

tim rush said...

thank you so much Sarah. I'd have to agree. I prayed long and hard that they'd look like their mom!

Yo Flee mamma, good to see you're back. It is so weird to me that I've got so many old (great) friends that don't know my kids nor I theirs. Wish the two worlds could meet somehow.

Hey Jeff, we made it back. You guys? If you aren't back in Lazaro yet, you need to plan on stopping off at Casa Rush on your way. We didn't get the gloves but we shouldn't need them for another 11 months anyway.

Angie said...

Tim, your blog looks smashing! Love the facelift!

And this post has put the names of God on my lips and in my heart all day! Thank you for that.

But even after all day, I can't choose a favorite! I just heard an excellent message from Jay Utley at Irving Bible Church (on CD) when I was driving to N'ville... So my mind is stuck right now on YHWH / YHVH and the breathy sounds of the tetragrammaton. When I think about all the days I've neglected God... Even then I couldn't help but acknowledge Him with every breath I took. And He was always as close as a whisper.

P.S. I was so jammin' to the CD you and Kim sent on the drive back home! I adore my Spanish CD! Que linda! And I almost had to pull over listening to Sting...

Last night I made time to watch the beautiful day baptisms! I laughed and I cried and I threw my hands up in the air!!! What a treasure. And what a treasure I have in you and Kim.

tim rush said...

Ang, so glad you made it home. We've missed you.

Sting? What did I send you?

Angie said...

Whoa... I stand corrected. I listened to the CD w/o looking at the artists. When I heard "Mana" I was certain that was Sting! The music, the voice... I couldn't believe it wasn't Sting! Anyway, those guys are amazing. I really love it!!!

tim rush said...

That is so weird cause I've never noticed that before, but yea, they do sound familiar. The Mana Unplugged cd is my favorite traveling music. So glad you enjoyed it too.