Christmas with the Cousins!

Karsyn the Fairy
Caleb and Mason are ready to open some presents!

Hayden's ready to go to work on the docks.

Papa Terry and Campbell Bell.

Clark and Quincy get ready for family picture day.

Check out Hayden's new car! This is one of the rare moments HC wasn't wearing his matching OU football helmet.

Does anyone remember Dot from the Animaniacs? "Hi, I'm cute!"

Mason, Clark and Quincy take a breather.

Emma helps Karsyn build a tent

Papa Terry gives all the grandkids a ride on the tractor through the farm, er, streets.


Amy G said...

Awesome pictures. It looks like your kids were glowing. Amazing what some grandparent love can do.

Sarah said...

Don't you just love Christmas? Those are great pictures. I'm sure your parents were excited to have everyone home.

Angie said...

I bet it's tons of fun when the whole hee haw gang is together!

No such thing as too much love.

tim rush said...

Amy G, when are you going to get a blog? I see you all over the place, but not at Amy's blog.com

Sarah, yes, cool pictures... though not quite as cool as skiing Dubai!

Angie, Yes, so fun. But haven't we talked about you not calling my family Hee Haw anymore?

Angie said...

I am in full agreement and support of Tim's statement that Amy G needs a blog! Amy, you don't have to post a buncha stuff... We know your life is full to overflowing with plenty... But it would be so great to have a place to leave messages specifically for you and Jeff! You guys could alternate posting stuff. You already have a built in readership with us... BECAUSE WE ALL LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

Dusty said...

Man, seeing those picture just reminds me that we won't all be together for over a year from now! I don't think this missionary thing is working out very well!

Sarah said...

AMEN Tim and Angie! The Gearharts SO need a blog, but it won't be as much fun as listening to them tell their stories in unison and arguing over who is going to tell which part!

tim rush said...

Sarah, this is so true. Have you seen the movie He Said, She Said. Great movie. And listening to the two of them tell stories is just as good as the movie. Perhaps they could do a dual post each time.

Angie said...

Tim... Hey girl! Just wanted you to know you're on my mind today! You came to mind when I thought about nude beaches.

Chapel said...

Great pictures Tim. I like that you left out any pics of you and I watching the Cowboys game.

These pics make me "YEARN" for all of us to get together again. Pretty soon when we all get together Terry and Mary will need to have "port-a-potties" sent out to the house. Maybe Dusty's family could live out in the back yard in a tent, kind of like The Apprentice. I think I am on to something.

tim rush said...

Maybe I should say that Angie should start her own blog. Ok, so you have one, but you have to post on it too. Joking. I'm loving your comments through blog world. Sweat Meat! That was funny. Except for the Hey Girl reference. Really, I hope you aren't writing on your blog cause you are too busy writing your memoirs. I want an autographed copy.

Chris, will they need the port-a-potties cause of the lack of space or because of the Rush-tummy?

Kristi said...

I love Karsyn's fairy costume. Maddi would also be very jealous. There isn't a day that goes by that she doesn't change her shoes 3 or so times, in and out of tights, dresses, etc. I caught her the other day sitting eating a snack in front of a mirror, smiling at herself. Girls.
I love you all,

tim rush said...

Hey Kristi, how fun to hear about Maddi. So weird cause in my mind I see this little Paul sitting in front of the mirror, eating and smiling. Of course that was years ago...

Friday Karsyn had on this little light purple outfit and wanted her pink boots. Then she wanted her matching pink cowboy hat. Getting that she saw the fairy costume and had to have it too. She was quite the show.