Today I called my friends Cory and Toni after dropping Quincy off at school and they were just getting their kids into the car. This was odd as their boy, Josiah, usually starts his school day before Q. Toni explained that the school was starting late because of the cold weather. And by cold weather they mean 62 degrees. Ha! I'm sure Cory and Toni find this especially amusing as they just returned from West Texas where they were iced in a few days longer than they expected.

So did you get to see the game last night? I got to see a bit of the Bears and Saints... just as the Bears started pulling away. But I missed the Colts/Pats. Was it as good as I think it was?


My favorite quote of the week comes from Karsyn. "Zeka, no yicka my bobum!" She has begun undressing and taking off her diaper before anyone is ready to re-dress. Thus she spends a lot of naked time which our dog finds intriguing.


After my last post on dreaming and wondering about the great things God can do, I sat down to read Proverbs. And this is what jumped out at me...

"It is not good to have zeal without knowledge, nor to be hasty and miss the way." Proverbs 19:2

It seems like God operates with such balance. "Dream", he says, "and know that I'll out-do it." But bookends it with, "Don't be hasty, do seek advice."

Just when I think I have him figured out...


Anonymous said...

I am really sorry you had to miss the Colts/Pat game - it was one of the best games I have watched in awhile - and I am the football watcher at our house!! I did not realize you and I had so much in common for the football teams we choose to watch and favor. I am sure some of your blog croonies will send you all of the play by play details.

By the way, your children are precious. I love keeping up with your family through your blogs - really never knew you were such a comical family :))) Tell Kim that I said hello.
Billye Lincks

Amy G said...

I didn't really think they were saints. I knew the bears would win. Hibernating makes you hungry. I am excited about the Colts. Like I said colts are pretty, and the look pretty when they run. I think they are going to outrun the Bears. I want the Ponies..I mean Colts to win the Super Bowl

Angie said...

About football... yeah, what Amy said! :-)

Karsyn might end up needing therapy for that.

Those proverbs have such wisdom to reign us in when we're tempted to go off in our heads (which is quite often for me!). Sure do appreciate you sharing words that make the path a little straighter.

Shawn said...

Tim: The Bears game was of course fantastic! Gross man was just enough to get it done and the Bear's defense was great most of the time and hibernating at others. The Colts-Pats game was excellent. What an unbelievable comeback by Mr. Manning. I was happy to see them get that monkey off their backs even though Peyton claimed that he didn't deal in the realm of monkies. That's good Peyton, because now you better be thinking about that Bear's Defense. I think it is going to be suffocating. I heard a rumor that the Bears might have Tommy Harris back for the Super Bowl. Yikes!
Great story about your kiddo.

I wish we could watch the SuperBowl together! I'm thinking that there has to be some really good reason to head back to TUlsa for that weekend!!!!! Kim won't care!

Have a great week. Shawn

tim rush said...

Billye, so good to hear from you. How's the fam? Are you guys still in OK?

Amy G, you confuse me... and all God's animals.

Angie, Karsyn will have a lot of explaining to do to her shrink, I'm sure, one day.

Shawn, I was just there... sure we don't have PF Chang here, but we do have some tacos to die for! Plus, we could get more x-mas presents! Don't you and Arlene want to escape the cold weather?

Trey Morgan said...

Love the blog today ... made me smile. Great Swimsuit Calendar. When you talk to Cory and Toni tell them I said "Hello."

And yes, Ouch ... you missed the best of the two football games.

Sarah said...

I love what Karsyn said. It made me laugh! Don't you just love kids?