Has anyone seen Apocalypto yet? A friend loaned it to Kim and I to watch on DVD. I put it in one night at about 9:30 thinking I'd watch about a half hour... hour tops. At about 12:30 we were both wide awake in bed wondering if we'd ever get to sleep.

I can't really say if I liked it or not. It was very interesting and kept you on the edge of your seat, or bed as the case may be.

It should be mentioned that it is all in subtitles. (Someone needs to tell Mel it's ok if he uses some English again.) And our subtitles were all in Spanish. Even if we missed a word here or there, the movie isn't about the dialogue.

I know it isn't based on Aztec civilization, but it reminded me a lot of books I've read on that time period. Still, I wouldn't call this a period piece.

I'm curious to hear your opinion. Also, any movies you'd suggest? When Angela Myers was here, she always knew what movies to rent. She never let us down. But now that she's gone, we have no idea what's good anymore.


DJT said...


I hope things are going well. As I typed, I was reminded of the awesome presentation you made on that Wednesday night. I feel much more connected to those house churches.

I don't see many movies but two I would recommend are "Pursuit of Happiness" and "Glory Road".

We miss you!!

Jeff said...

Hey Tim,
Amy and I watched the Apocolypto with spanish subtitles too... I think we did better with the native dialect! Anyway, I liked it and I guess Amy can tell us later if she did too. We would have chosen to have the English subtitles but you can't be too whiney when you are watching a neighbors pirated copy. Haven't had a chance to watch many others but I would say Tommy Boy is always a good choice. :>

MommaFlee said...

Tim, Todd and I watched Apocalypto over the Christmas break in the theater. Very intense! We actually kinda liked it, but we like stuff that depicts historical time periods, wars, stuff like that! It was interesting. I couldn't recommend much to rent because we don't really watch movies....but two of my favorites of all time: So I Married An Axe Murderer and The Wedding Singer! Hope you guys are doing good. Tim, I'm thinking of coming to Tulsa in March, so I can support Angie but also to see whoever I can...Scott and Melis, Jason and Heather...you'll be there, right? And Kim? Let me know.

The Harris Family said...

We haven't see Apocalypto... One review I heard was that it was equivalent to a snuff film because of how brutal the wars were. What is your take? Since you guys have seen it, I value your opinion more so than some movie reviewer that is already biased against drunkie...

The subtitles would be tough for me, especially if they were in Spanish! WOW... Props to you and the Gearharts for your spanish abilities.

Movies... Well, last night we watched "Inside Man." It was heavy on the dramatic music in parts that I thought weren't that dramatic. Besides that is was a pretty good flick. Worth the price of Netflicks.

Love you guys.


Angie said...

Okay, I have nothing to really contribute here, but seriously... if you want to know the latest on movies, e-mail Greg Spurgeon. The last time he visited me I made him, Sarah and Selandra make a list of movies I need to see (and Greg kept coming back and adding more to the list when I wasn't looking!). He's way skilled in movies and music.

The last movie I watched was "The Devil Wears Prada!" It was like Ugly Betty on steriods. Typical chick flick and I loved it!

tim rush said...

Angie, I usually like chick flicks, though I call them date-movies... saves my male pride.

Hey Doug, so good to hear from you. That was the funnest presentation we've ever done. You and Danna need to come down and check things out first hand!

Jeff, will anything ever measure up to Tommy Boy?

Yo Flee, I'll be there but Kim and kids won't. Too bad. It will be fun seeing everyone, but would love to show off the kids with Kim too.

Jason, there's no way it touches Saving Private Ryan or anything like that. It is violent and the birth scene was something else, but I say go for it. Don't know about Maggie, but I think you'll like it. I'm betting Maggie will be like Kim... she won't like it, but she won't be able to look away.

p miller said...

Warnings to everyone...last time I remember watching a Tim Rush movie it was Zorro the Gay Blade.

Angie said...

Care to expound on that Tim?

Terry Rush said...

I always like "No Time for Seargents". You might give it a try!

monica said...

sorry, it was a bit over the top, although i don't question the how horrible this bit of time was. i spent about a fourth of the time outside...couldn't take it. i like historical stuff too, but just too much for me.
You have seen Napaleon Dynamite right? if not a must see. i don't like watching movies over and over, but that one i could and have. that's about it. ian recently got hooked on 24 the series on Fox.
God bless you all. smooches,monica

tim rush said...

Zorro the Gay Blade was the funniest movie in the world when you're 10... and didn't really get that his cousin was gay. I still think Paul watched it with the wrong crowd.

I loved No Time for Seargents too. Can't go wrong with Gary Cooper... is that his name?

Monica, you mentioned that Jamie is pregnant again. Do you know where she's at? I just got an email from someone who ran into Minnie and she was asking about her. (Note: she didn't ask about you or me for some reason.)

Trey Morgan said...

Well I won't be much help here. I'm not a "scary" movie person. And we've weened ourselves away from most rated R movies due to kids and double standards.

But I can tell you I'm much more the Dumb and Dumber type. (insert joke about Trey here).

Nacho Libre is an instant classic that I loved and have watched a dozen times. I'm thinking I'll make it a "required watch" for all my youth group before our trip to Mexico City this summer. Oh, also Night at the Museum was fantastic. Other than that you're on your own.

PS - Hi Flee

Amy G said...

Does everybody in the world put in movies and say "Oh I am just going to watch the first 15 min" and then find themselves rolling into bed way to late; thinking "Why do I do that?" We did the same thing with Apocalypto. I think that is so funny. I did like it though. The raw sickness that people indulge in when they lack the presence of the true God, and the hope of survival against all odds when you have faith in God. I know it doesn't mention God, but that is what I choose to see.

Anonymous said...

If you liked "Saving Private Ryan", then you've got to see "Band of Brothers". It was an HBO series - I'm not sure how many 1 hr episodes, but it is amazing. I bought my copy on e-bay (got it from china - no spanish subtitles here). It will give you a whole new perspective on WWII veterans. But not a movie for the kids. Another great movie -"The Usual Suspects".

-Mark Curtis

Sarah said...

I enjoyed Little Miss Sunshine, although it is not a "family" movie. There is some rough language in it, but it is really comical.

Amy G said...

How could a movie called Little Ms Sunshine have rough language? That title is a little deceiving.

monica said...

Hey Tim, they are now back in Mexico and she is due mid June and as of yesturday they will be going to Lubbock in July, which is what those at Sunset suggested.

tim rush said...

I've heard that Nacho Libre is good, once again, if you watch it with the right crowd. Funny how that works.

I saw So I Married an Ax Murderer and Christmas Vacation on bad dates. Thus, I never knew they were funny till much later when I saw them on video. Hey, that gives me hope for Joe vs. the Volcano.

I loved Saving Private Ryan though I never want to see it again. And I've heard about Band of Brothers but never seen it... and not sure I want to. SPR was just too much. A bunch of us AIM assistants watched it just before the AIMers arrived. One girl from Germany arrived early so she went with us. When the movie was over, and all is deathly quiet, I wanted to stand up and yell, "German, right here. Get her!" Not to be mean, but I thought it would be funny. Though of course, no one else would have.

And I'm thinking I've never heard of Little Miss Sunshine before. Care to enlighten us Sarah... and do it quick cause we might not hear from you again after Napal.

Angie said...

Tim, are you and Kim into 24? Not a movie, but certainly shot like one (lots of t.v. shows have upped the caliber). There are many of us who are addicted to watching on DVD, which is arguably better than watching week to week. Seriously, let me know if you don't watch it. I'm like their street person who is in charge of getting people addicted.

Jack Bauer saves the day!

tim rush said...

Ang, we're not watchers. I think it started just before we came to Mexico. I think you can actually find it on tv here, but I wouldn't know what station or what time.

Claire said...

Hi Tim, haven't seen Apocalypto but I'll probably wait until it's out on DVD so the gore is at least smaller.

I would second Little Miss Sunshine...gave me a happy feeling. You might be surprised to hear I wasn't so bothered by the rough language ;)

Have you seen Shaun of the Dead?

Anonymous said...

Hey Tim...Go see Pan's Labrynth!! It's a spanish flick by Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy).
Marci and I really enjoyed Apocalypto.

Erik Cheesebrough said...

Sorry...I didn't mean to be anonymous

tim rush said...

Claire and Cheese write on my blog on the same day... I must be living right!

So good to hear from you two. Oh for the days of yore. Yore meaning Snyder, Tx of course.