Beyond Our Imagination

A week or so ago I wrote my dad to share with him a dream that I have for future ministry; a dream that is rather “out there”. I was curious to read what he would write back.

He wrote, “God has called us to believe He can work beyond our imagination… Eph 3:20. So if you have imagined this, God has already said He can match it and then out-do it.”

That same day, Trey Morgan made a comment on my blog that referenced Luke 18:17. I could not, for the life of me, remember what that passage was about. When I sat down later to find out, God overwhelmed me. “I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”

I love it! I love how little children receive any gift. Their hope for what is inside is not at all limited by the size of the box. The box could be shaped like a toy car. But if it is a BB gun they want, that is what they believe to be inside. (I wouldn’t suggest giving a BB gun to a small child, but you get the idea.) Kid’s imaginations are limitless! And when God is the giver of the gift, no kid will be disappointed after the wrapping paper has been pealed away.

And notice that Jesus doesn’t say “receive eternal life” but rather “the Kingdom of God”. In the past, I’ve been far too narrow in my understanding of God’s gift.

So friends, we’ve been given THE KINGDOM OF GOD, what do you say we do with it? Where does your imagination lead you?


Brenda said...

Hey Tim! I love this! And I love your dad too! He's so cool! Anyway...I feel I am such a BIG dreamer, but afraid to share my dreams with others. I'm a "closet" dreamer.
I'm afraid they may laugh, tell me it won't work, tell me it's not a good idea or expect me to get the dream going all on my own. I feel that my lack of time and effort at this point in my life keeps my dreams in a box. One of these days...they will come to life though. I have so many!

Amy G said...

It is hope that brings on courage..the courage to...dream, because God is sooo good. I have been reading a book on positive thinking because I am the ... I will be hopefully become a more Godly woman that recognizes Hope. My friend here Alli, she is so encouraging. I have said to her, "I know it is crazy but I have thought about doing ABC" "I know it is way to big for me". She always comes back with a "Amy if God put a dream in you, don't shove it away. There is a reason he has given you this" SO Tim, amazing things are possible especially with a body of people that have Hope in God! Rock on wabbajabba eel ba shmill

Trey Morgan said...

Tim ... I love your vision. The greatest thing is we'll never be able to "out dream" God. No matter how big your vision ... nothing is to big for God.


Angie said...

Just a couple of weeks ago a friend shared an idea that she felt God had placed in her with several friends for feedback. Outside the initial conversation, one person remarked to another that she thought it was crazy & didn't see how it could work.

My friend TCS responded, "Well that's precisely the reason I believe it will work." Living the God way is counter-cultural, upside down, unexpected... Kingdom living can't be reasoned out our constrained by the laws of this world. A person's pedigree, education, experience... all are outweighed by the possibilities of what God can do through anyone willing to surrender to the strength of Christ.

It's a sad picture - someone who has been beaten down so much that they forget to dream, to hope, to BELIEVE in what our God can do in this life. We don't have to wait until heaven to experience the Kingdom! It is here. And I never sense it more powerfully that when I hear it in the heart of a man who is not afraid to dream. That would be you, Tim.