Resolutions and Christmas

So it’s one month and five days since resolutions were made. How are you doing?

I’m not getting any skinnier, but besides that one, I’m doing ok with the resolutions. And I’m re-upping to try again this month to loose a few pounds. (I’d tell you what my other two resolutions are, but over a cup of coffee. I feel better about people laughing in my face as opposed to laughing at their screen.)
And how are we doing with our Christmas presents? Still loving them or are they hiding away in the closet?

We always make fun of my dad for getting us presents he always wanted when he was a kid. But now I understand. I don’t even get my kids presents I wanted. I get them stuff I WANT!

Thus Clark got a batting tee this year and Quincy, Clark and I each got puffy balls that we can whale on in the house without breaking anything. Thus, can you tell in the pictures who’s having the most fun?
Some families read together at bed time. Ours takes batting practice.


gingerpixel said...

Is that the official batting practice facial expression? ;)

I'm doing good with my "blog more and spend more time reading other people's blogs" resolution but not so great with any of my others.


Sarah said...

Your kids are so stinkin' cute!!!! I love to see pics of them!

Shawn said...

Is Clark a lefty?? You gotta love that. Hey, I hope to take you up on that cup a coffe in your neck of the woods one of these days.

Keep on swinging.


tim rush said...

Hey Claire, that just shows how much you know about baseball. Your mouth has to make a perfect O or else it's harder to hit.

Sarah, your life rocks! Hope you get to feeling better. Enjoy Tibet.

Shawn, Q's batting lefty there, but Clark is too, we think. Kim's excited as she's a lefty too.