8 Years!

On Sunday, as we drove to our friends’ house to watch the Super Bowl, Kim and Quincy were squealing with delight over the beautiful rainbows along the way. At one point, when I thought they were done, Kim got a fresh glimpse and shouted so suddenly that I thought we were about to get hit by a car. After I let her know we almost drove into oncoming traffic, she told me to lighten up. “After all, that’s why you love me.” …referring to her getting excited over simple things like rainbows.

So today, in honor of our 8th year anniversary, I thought I’d share a few more reasons why I love Kimberly Gwin Rush.

*The other day Quincy asked her to sing a song for him, so she does… in Russian! After finishing she looks at me and says, “Huh, I didn’t know I knew that song.”
*I love that she gets excited that Clark might be left handed (like her).
*I love that she can’t watch a movie at night without falling asleep.
*that she reads the Daily Bible to the kids at breakfast.

*that she’ll take batting practice with the rest of us.
*that movies like Meet the Parents stress her out.
*that Karsyn is a miniature version of her.
*that she’d rather eat veggies than chips but doesn’t give me a dirty look when I have one more piece of pizza.

*that when she’s pregnant she craves Long John Silver’s
*that she’s not pregnant!
*that she is SOOO Beautiful.
*that she can do more than one chin-up.
*that she adores my family. (Sure, who wouldn’t like Mom, Chris, Wendy and Crystal… but Dad and Dusty too?!)
*that I tried to sneak down stairs this morning without waking her at 6:30 and there she was reading her Bible on the couch.

*that she would ever date me, much less marry me.
*that she played in the Baseball Rapido League with me… and was good!
* have you heard her sing? She’s definitely not a Rush.
*that to her, playing scrabble in a coffee shop is romantic and my running and playing with the kids is attractive.
*that she’s smarter than me but doesn’t make an issue out of it. (She was valedictorian of her class at LCU.)


Cheesetown said...

Hey Tim. I am loving your blog. All the Proverbs quotes, discussion and questions do me good! It's also nice to have a small window into your life. Makes me miss all the AIM folks even more than I already did. Thank God for all the great memories.
I have to say...marriage ROCKS! Marci and I are at 10 1/2 years. Time flys.
So, can you settle a bet...Marci says the picture of Kim when she was pregnant with the twins is doctored. I say not. Which is it?
Sorry to put a plug in here but Marci has been inspired to start a blog. Check it out sometime.

The Gearharts said...

You are amazingly blessed Mr Rush. Your wife is one of a kind! We are blessed to know her as well. Kim we think you are beautiful too.

Shawn said...

Tim - you are richly blessed by a wonderful wife. I love it every time I get to be around her. Of all the things that you listed, I have to say that I love it that she loves simple things like scrabble in a coffee and adores you for playing with the kids. What a blessing to you and to so many. Happy anniversary my brother.

tim rush said...


I checked out your blog or hers the other day. I couldn't believe the pics... I thought your little girl would be like, 2 maybe. How cute. And congrats on the baby boy! I didn't even know about Max.

Hey Gears, did Kim call you yesterday? We've been talking about you guys lately and wanted to call. (Kim's been saying all sorts of bad stuff about you guys. Just thought I'd let you know that.)

Shawn, any time on that cup

Kim said...

Hey, this is Kim. I was just telling Tim earlier today that if I had a blog my next entry would be "When searching for rainbows, don't cause any accidents . . . and other practical knowledge from Jo-jo the Clown." (Some of our friends said that I remind them of Jo-jo, but I only see a slight resemblance.)

Isn't Tim a sweet guy, though? Pretty nice to me these last eight years.

To Cheese's question about the belly photo: There was retouching involved or I would not have let Tim post it. Size wise--no, I was really that huge, but you don't get that big without stretch marks and they were not pretty. I retouched it so that I could put it into the kids scrapbook--someday.

Dusty said...

Happy Anniversary! I can't believe it's been 8 years. Wow. I'm at Chris and Wendy's tonight. Wish you could be here.

Angie said...


Two great tastes that taste great together!

klc said...

I have been reading the blog without signing in for quite some time, but I thought that I would get on and wish you guys a happy anniversary! Kira saw it on our calendar and everytime I got on the computer today, she would ask "are you going to skype Kim and Tim?" She is better than me. Love you guys

americangerman said...

She's pretty

Danna said...

You ARE blessed, Tim Rush, as am I for knowing you and your beautiful wife! :o)

We were in Hawaii recently with Doug and Tiffany Ferguson. Talk about rainbows! The first morning, Tiffany screams, "GET YOUR CAMERA!" I could not imagine what was going on because right before she said that, I heard a lawnmower start. But the most amazing rainbow was outside our window, with one end in the ocean. WOW! Every day we saw numerous rainbows and oooed and ahhhed over them all. On about the third day, we wondered out loud if by the end of the week we might be "Hmmm...there's a rainbow, big deal." A little while later we had to slam on the brakes because someone pulled out in front of us; it was really a close call. Not 5 minutes later we saw a FULL rainbow. I told Tiffany that God was saying, "You think you're going to get tired of these? Check this out!" He's awesome!

Thanks for sharing. :o) Looking forward to seeing you in 6 weeks!

MommaFlee said...

Happy Anniversary!!! We will celebrate 8 years in April. Doesn't seem like it has been that long. Time really does fly. Kim, you are as beautiful as ever. And so are your kids. May God continue to bless your marriage with many more years to come!

Love you guys...flee

Cheesetown said...

Ahhhh...After all these years with Erik, I've learned never to make a bet with him unless im 100% sure I'm right...cuz he ALWAYS wins. Having had two babies myself, I thought there is NO WAY Kim could have been that big adn it was obviously doctored.

thanks...I've lost again...LOL!

tim rush said...

Flee, I was trying to remember how many of us are on number 8. There was quite the rast of wedding in 99. Trent andMarlana, Chris and Jess, Jeremy and Jess, Cory and Toni, Jeff and Amy, you guys and us. That makes 7. Can you think of more.

Ah Angie, the wedding singer. I always want to show people the video just so they can hear you guys sing. That was the best wedding singing I've ever heard.

KLC, why, how long have you been standing there? I didn't say anything about my mother-in-law on this blog have I? Looking forward to seeing you and Kira.

Dust, what are you doing in Atlanta? Interesting discussion over at your blog. Not sure I want anything on the record.

Linda, so cool to find you on the web. It took me a bit to figure out who you were. Kim saw your comment and said, "Who is American Anger Man?" Ha! How goes life in Germany? You've been there for quite some time now haven't you?

Danna, Kim really enjoyed your story. That was really cute.

Hey Marci, you did know that there were twins in there, right? But dude, she was HUGE!

Terry Rush said...

I vote Kim as completely awesome! She does so well to put up with the Rushes! We adore her!

Congrats on 8 years!

Cheesetown said...

I guess I wasn't thinking....and it also didn't seem possible that she could remain vertical...her poor back!

Did she carry to term?

tim rush said...

I think she made 38 weeks or at least 36 but she wasn't vertical much. She was on bed rest for at least two months. Those were two very long months... but she's a trooper and it was fun for me to have some great bonding time with Quincy. He went everywhere I did.

Sarah said...

Can I marry Kim? She is really awesome, but you are too, Tim! How thoughtful of you to honor her in that way! I always thought you and Kim were two of the coolest people I had met when I was in AIM. Little did I know at the time that you would later be a super cool duo!

Trey Morgan said...

Absolutely beautiful family ... you are a rich, rich man.

Kara said...

Hey Tim and Kim,

That message you posted of Kim makes me miss her all the more. She does have great qualities. I love how Kim can be in a thrift store and always find the most amazing things in racks where I just looked and found nothing. Anyways, I love you guys!!! Happy (belated) Anniversary. I did think of calling you, but I it was too late when I got home, and I thought you for sure wouldn't appreciate a call a 11:30 at night. Love you, give all the kids big kisses!

Love, Kara

tim rush said...

Sarah, you know she said that she wanted to travel the world like you just as soon as I die. So, you never know.

Trey, here you guys are going to Mexico City this summer. That is a cool group you're going to visit.

Hey Kara, I thought you were going to say something about her great cooking menus!

americangerman said...

Anger man...yeah, we get that alot...we tried to change it but we're so many months into the blog world that we'd have to cut and paste all our stuff to a new address...well, we're not angry :)

LOVE< LOVE< LOVE your dad's post on Pam Cope!