New Favorite Quote

My new favorite quote comes from Leonard Sweet, talking about fundamentalism in The Three Hardest Words in the World to Get Right (p. 22):

“A yearning for yesteryear, a hankering after the palmy days of the past, a nostalgia for what never did happen, is at the heart of fundamentalism. The Bible challenges us to “remember the days of old,” to honor the “years of many generations,” but not to live in them. Alpha and Omega are yoked, but Alpha is not Omega.

Reminds me of something my brother mentioned 3 to 5 years ago. I can’t quote him, but the gist was this: the problem with the restoration movement is that Jesus never called us to move back… he calls us to move forward according to what the Spirit is telling us Today.


Trey Morgan said...

Tim ... I like your thinking here. Tells me a lot about your heart and your thinking process.

Let's go FORWARD. Thanks for sharing the quote.

The Harris Family said...

Tim...our fav quote at my house is one that will be forever treasured by my girls and it is repeated every day around here..."Zeka, no yicka my bobum!" by Karsyn Rush.

Also, Emma's fav music right now is her CD of NJ3, the Myers Brothers!!! So funny, she told me the other day, "it's like they are singing to me mom!" and then she said to me that she told all her friends at school that my mom and dad know NJ3!!! Jason and and love it! Emma makes us smile.
Have a great day.

The Harris Family said...


I forgot to sign my name opps!