Allergies, Colds and Tulsa

Feels like forever since I’ve blogged. Pat Sheaffer came into town a week ago last Wednesday so I was pretty busy having a big time with Pat. After taking him to the airport on Monday, I decided on my way home that I might be coming down with something.

BUT, I had an appointment with the Allergy doctor on Monday so I couldn’t get sick yet. I don’t know why I’ve waited 34 years to make this appointment. He gave me the little scratch test, and surprise, I’m allergic to everything. I’m not just saying that… there was nothing that didn’t swell up. In fact, there are still some red spots on my arms 6 days later. Is this normal? I somehow felt vindicated. (Like when you get hit real hard but don’t bruise and you think, hey I wish I had something to show for the pain… I watched my arms swell up and I was so glad.) Now, it’s time to get well. I started the shots on Tuesday but they may take 2 to 3 months before they start making a difference. I can’t wait!

My cold that started on Monday took its sweet time migrating into my chest, where it has stayed. Gotta love it. But the great thing about Mexico is the self-medication. Today I finally started some antibiotics.

I’ll post more on this later, but is everyone making plans to attend the Tulsa Workshop in March? Just a month away! There’s still time to make it work.


The Gearharts said...

Little warning. Don't rub the injection site, you want it to disburse slowly. Also don't go working out right after, you should wait 2 hours. We don't want our bestest allergic friend having any anaphylactic catastrophes. I bet Kim is gonna love poking you with a needle. Another little warning. Don't tick her off right before you are going to get a shot.
Amy G

Sarah said...

My advice is to stay away from Indian medical clinics. They're enough to make a grown man cry like a baby. . . oh, wait . . .

Hope you start feeling better!

Dusty said...

Vindicated huh? Reminds me of a certain little boy who had asthma really bad. But his brother and sister, knowing not what they were doing, always claimed he was faking it. Now that little boy is a man - and has very little trouble breathing anymore - thanks to advair. But his brother, "doubting Timmy," wheezes a lot! Now that's vindication!

tim rush said...

I remember a little boy who had asthma attacks whenever it was time to wash dishes. Wait, it seems you had a different excuse for missing dishes.

By the way, Kim is TOO gentle giving the shots. It didn't hurt at all when the doc gave them to me. But Kim tries to put it in as softly as possible. Doesn't work too well that way. Ha.

Sarah, we don't have any Indian medical clinics here, but I will avoid Indian restaurants. Thanks.