This is what I’m looking forward to in Tulsa…

I love listening to my dad talk about what all happened during the day; the behind the scenes look. I love listening to Dusty talk about what he heard and what he thought about what he heard. (I have to admit, Dusty is about 5 years ahead of me, spiritually speaking. He tells me what he’s thinking and it takes me that long to understand/ come to terms with/ agree with what he said. He might be a prophet… or I might just be slow.)

I can’t wait to have breakfast with Angie Burns. I can’t wait for AIM-a-palooza at the Thornton’s on Friday night. I’m going ahead and planning on tearing up during the flag presentation on Friday evening. The standing ovation gets me every time.

I’m stealing Jay Jarboe, and Sherry too if she’ll come, for a cup of coffee at some point. Jealous?!

What about you? Favorite memory? What excites you?


Dusty said...

You're crazy if you really think that. We all know I'm ahead of dad - but never you!

I didn't go to AIM - but the flag presentation is always a highlight for me. And I love Wednesday night at Memorial.

I love the singing. I'm really looking forward to hearing Randy Harris (preach, not sing).

But most of all, I love seeing people that I haven't seen in a while. It really is a reunion.

See you soon.

Angie said...

Who can forget the first time they ever attended the TISW?! Here's my story...

I love that Churches of Christ are autonomous, so this isn't a complaint at all... but b/c we have no overarching organization, what you grow up knowing as church is generally your perception of what CoC's are like everywhere... especially if you grow up in the rural south and don't travel much. Granted, we've had publications thru the years that have connected us... but again, if you're in the middle of nowhere even those pubs are limited (not to mention who decided what we got to read... but that's another story!).

So, a trip to the workshop w/a group of folks from college left me in a state of shock! I couldn't believe everything going on among our brotherhood... the mission work, children's homes, businesses, stores... I visited EVERY BOOTH and put my name on every mailing list... and got mail for YEARS b/c of that! And the singing made me feel so big and so small at the same time. Emotionally, it was almost too much...

So, I love the memory of Tulsa and the fire it lit in me... b/c one of those booths I visited and signed up for was Adventures In Missions. My life was never the same after that!

This year it's all about the people... Because of the internet and conferences and organizations that have sprung up, I have different ways to stay connected. But there is absolutely NO OTHER GATHERING that compares to what we have in Tulsa. And to hear different speakers in that atmosphere is like no other.

So, Tim... man you're on the top of my list too! I can't wait to see your face and to laugh and talk with friends... :-)

Danna said...

My first trip to the Tulsa Workshop was in 1982; I was a senior in high school. Having grown up in Iowa, I had never seen that many Christians together in one place. It took my breath away! It still does. Even though I live in Tulsa now and get to hear your dad preach every week, I still love hearing him at Workshop. And even though I am in my second round of being workshop coordinator, I still love it. In fact, I think I love it even more! But I have to tell you: being in the middle of planning and wondering if I have forgotten something and wondering if I have all my bases covered, reading your blog was a sweet reminder of what the Tulsa Workshop is all about!

Sarah said...

I remember when our Ireland team was in the flag ceremony in 96 and we carried the Ivory Coast flag and didn't realize it until much later! The colors are the reverse of the Irish flag!

The Harris Family said...

I love the booths. I don't remember my first time. The earliest I remember was when I was living in Victoria TX. A bunch of people from the congregation drove up. It was fun. All the times I've gone, I have enjoyed most wandering the exhibit hall and running into old friends. Its like opening christmas presents.


Darrel M said...

Thanks for this post. Having been involved behind the scenes from the start of the Workshop, we were always worried about the logistics, the money, getting the speakers there, etc.

We never fully realized the impact on those folks attending.

It was always "worth it", some of us just never took the time to appreciate that.

The Gearharts said...

Are there any live feed links or ways to watch some of the workshop on-line??

signed... stranded in Mexico (Like Kim)

Traveler said...

Hey there,
Has Sunset reinvolved with the Tulsa workshop? Just curious as there seemed to be a falling out best I remember.....

tim rush said...

My first time was in 78. I would have been 5 at the time. We loved it, even then, cause it meant Grandma Rush and Great-grandma Fugate were coming... with lots and lots of cookies.

Darryl M, I'm so glad for the vision you guys had to run with such a thing. Too cool. Are you going this year? I'll be flying through Houston. I'll yell out the window at you.

Darrel M said...

We were planning on going to Tulsa this year but our house finally sold so we are moving.

We will still be in Houston however, if your plane stops here and you have time, let us know and we will meet you.

tim rush said...

Darrel, I'd love to see you guys, but I'll have exactly one hour to get my luggage, go through customs, give my luggage back and get to my gate. The best bet would be that I won't make it in that hour and thus will have an extra hour to kill. But don't want to count on that.

Tell Barbara I said hey. You guys need a get-away to Mexico? We've got a room for you.

Daniel said...

I love Tulsa! I always loved hearing the motivating sermons and the singing. I love being with thousands of other Christians singing praise. I love the booths and learning about what is going on.

I am hoping to attend this year. Maybe I will see you there. For those who are unable to attend, I think TotallyAcappella.com will be giving a live stream of the nightly keynote.

Patrick Sheaffer said...

Timmy & Family,
Hey dear ones... I just wanted to say that I love you so deeply. My brief visit with you was so encouraging and wonderful... Thanks for letting my old bones rest in your casa of love and warmth... The kiddos are beautiful (thankfully like Momma)!

I can't wait to see you in Tulsa, Sr. Tim... how about a cup of java there?

Love you all,