A Day Without Light

Ok, so it wasn’t really a day without light, but we did just finish up over 24 hours without electricity. (Little miscommunication between the bill receiver and the bill payer, but that is all squared away now.)

It was really kind of fun going without electricity. Before dark, we rounded up all the flashlights and candles to get ready. Then, we went outside, across the street to play while it was still light outside, though very dim in the house. Then we fed the kids and read stories and put on jammies to the soft lights of candles and flashlights. (Even flashlights that growl and make monkey noises… thanks to great birthday gifts the twins received from the Shroeder family.)

Things took a not-so-fun turn when the water ran out. Without electricity, the pump couldn’t fill the tank. That got a little less fun this morning when each of the twins threw up. …so much harder to clean up children, clothes and bedding without running water.

In the end, we’ve decided we should spend more evenings in the dark, but hopefully not without water.


Terry Rush said...

You guys are always coming up with creative ways to spend a family vacation....but this is one of your more clever ones!

And...you didn't spend any money!

Look how much you saved by doing this all within your own home. Great spookhouse concept that I'm sure will catch on in other countries!

Zack said...

God bless you guys! I just tried emailing you at tkrush@aol.com and it came back to me as an error. I was just going to say I've started a blog as well. The web address is www.zack-blaisdell.blogspot.com. God bless you guys! Praying for you.

Angie said...

You had me at throw up...

Yep. Things were great until then! I love it when we lose power here (which is kinda often out here in the sticks!). It forces me to simplify. And I'm living in this ol' cabin that has seen many firelight and lamplight nights... If walls (logs!) could talk, huh!

I think you guys could make any not so preferable situation fun though... You are cool parents!

tim rush said...

Hey Dad, with this vacation was much easier on our car. It didn't have to go to the hospital for 5 days because of the trip. And with another night, I think Clark and I could have figured out how to surf the stairs.

Zack, enjoyed checking out your blog. Hope things go well for you in Lubbock. Great people.

Ang, as parenting goes, I'm really quite dull. I thought I'd be a lot more fun. However, Kim keeps things rolling. She's such a fun mom and keeps the family hopping!