What's Your Gift?

If you are like me, you’ve struggled with discovering your spiritual gift. Probably, most tests leave you cold. They promise to shed light on your place in the kingdom but usually leave you with just as many questions as before.

Just consider… what if we are asking the wrong question? Or perhaps we are just looking for the wrong thing. What if you and I ARE the gifts? What would happen if each day we decided to be a gift in the lives of those around us?

If each day, we tried to give ourselves to others, after a short time we’d realize what “Spiritual Gift” we possessed. Try it for just a month, even a week. Ask yourself each day, “How can I be a gift to those around me?” After a short time, look back and examine how you went about it. Was it through encouragement, teaching, giving…? This will take a little more commitment than a short exam, but I think it might lead us towards some answers we’ve been looking for.


Dusty said...

Great post Tim. Takes the focus off of self.

Anonymous said...

What a great thought, Tim! Thanks for sharing.

Terry Rush said...

Such a position puts purpose and meaning into our lives. Should we even find ourselves in the emergency room over our own crisis such is a time to note whether God is using us as a gift for someone also waiting for a doctor's attention.

Good stuff!