Proverbs 27:17

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

I think I’ve mentioned Paul Miller before on this blog. But when I think about one man sharpening another, I think about my relationship with Paul. I loved road trips with Paul because we would hash, rehash and hash again our problems and solutions. Together we were discovering what God was doing in our lives.

This may sound like I’m taking too much credit, but I believe aspects of AIM were shaped by our relationship. We added to what we were learning by asking Jay, the director (and our mentor) at the time, a ton of questions. Then we took what was sharpening us and tried to use it to sharpen those we were trying to mentor. What a fun time!

Today, I’m surrounded by guys like Joe Pruett and Cory Burns as well as Kim. Each, in his/her own way, is sharpening me. My prayer is that somehow I can do the same for them.

So who has been sharpening you? How so? And who have you been sharpening?

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Angie said...

Hey Tim!
I'm working on getting caught up on blog reading... so my commments are late, but sincere! Many of my memories of you and Paul play out in my head that you two were conjoined twins! You are blessed to have each other!

My friends Tommy (TCS on my blog) and Kim who live about an hour's drive away from me are constantly sharpening me. It is priceless to have a safe place to rediscover who we are in Christ through the different seasons of our lives. We've known each other since my first year in college, the fall of 1988! And our relationship keeps getting richer in Him...