Giving Thanks

Who’s excited about Turkey Day?

Tomorrow we head about 3 hours away to the mountains for a retreat with missionaries from all over Mexico. I can’t wait. There ought to be upwards of 70 in attendance. And the majority are old friends of ours from our days in Lubbock, Texas.

I think that this year I’m especially thankful for a few particular faces that will be there. …special friends from a very important and forming time in my history.

So what are you thankful for?
What are you especially looking forward to?
Will you be rooting for the Cowboys? Would you root more if T.O. weren’t in the picture?
Will you be playing any ball in the yard? And if so, whose jersey will you be wearing? (I’ll be wearing T.O.’s 81. A friend of mine, Joe Pruett, knew I always wanted a Cowboy jersey and also knew that I am not a fan of T.O. So he thought it was pretty funny. It was.)
How much weight are you going to commit to losing after the first of the year?

*If you answer any of the above questions, Angie Burns will send you a free book.
Does that sound ok Angie?


Angie said...

Whoa kemo sabe... What's with hi-jacking my blog reader "incentive program" (read: bribery)?

Well, you're innovative. I'll give you that!

In my corner of the world, we're having a small, intimate gathering for thanksgiving this year - just my parents and me! The focus will be on our family and not so much on the food (but we'll make up for that come Christmas!). I'm just so thankful that my parents are God-followers now. We're still experiencing many "firsts" together as a Christian family. And I'm loving every minute of it!

And please spread some love from me around your Thanksgiving table... I share an affinity with many of those faces and hearts & am envious in the best possible way that you'll all be together. Soak it all in, Tim!


Sarah said...

Tim, I can't wait to hear about your trip, who you saw, and what you learned! I am really enjoying your blog! Say hello to your family!

Terry Rush said...

Uhmmm...I had a good time at Thanksgiving. I rode in the car. We ate food....lots of food. I rode in the car again.

Now, do I get a prize from Angie?

tim rush said...

Angie, it is always fun hearing about your parents' spiritual walk. I remember your heart breaking for them while you were in Portugal and wondering if you should go home to share with them. I really learned a lot by watching you stay. Thank God for faithful parents!

Sarah, we had such a fun time. We stayed in a cabin with the Gearharts and the Burns and Brednichs were next door. Too fun. All the kids had a blast. Fun to see our family of Mexico cousins growing.

Dad, if you don't get that prize from Angie you just her know about it.

tim rush said...

that should say, "let her know about it."

... I actually make these mistakes on purpose so that it will look like I have more comments. There. Now I've said it.