Here is the link to our latest newsletter from Guadalajara.



Anonymous said...

Praise God for what happened yesterday! I am proud of you guys and am humbled by your service.

God is so big in both of you!


tim rush said...

Thanks Shaner. That is pretty cool coming from you. (I've got a lot of respect for what you guys have going in Lazaro.)

God bless you guys and your growing family.

Angie said...

I just devour the details of your newsletters! Such a pleasure to peek into your world. I'm praying that God will guard you and your family against anything that threatens the vitality of the kingdom there...

BTW, the "dos, tres, taco, cinco..." bit is definitely a keeper! Loved it!

tim rush said...

Angie, we laughed at Karsyn saying that, so she said it for days! We've stunted her intelectual growth. I wonder if that's what happened to me.