Fun with Clark

About a week ago, as I was getting the twins out of their cribs after a good nap, I grabbed Karsyn by her ankles and flung her onto Quincy's bed. I thought to myself, perhaps I should be more gentle with this precious little girl, though she didn't mind too much. Then, when I turned to get Clark, he was standing on his head with his little ankles turning as if to say, "me next, ooh, ooh, me next". Since then, I go in, lift Karsyn out of her crib and give her a big kiss. Then I ask Clark, "ankles?" And as quick as he can, he flips up onto his head and gets ready to fly.

And by the way, the above picture has nothing to do with said flying. This photo is of his first black eye. After hearing him cry, Kim found him on the stairs with his feet two steps higher than his head and books scattered everywhere. Now, we're trying to limit what they carry up and down the stairs.

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