Proverbs 9

I don’t know that we generally feel this way, but are we to understand, from Proverbs 9, that we are all “simple”? It appears that Wisdom and Folly call out to us (us simple ones 9:4,16). So, depending on which voice we’ve listen to, we’ve become who we are today. And by the by, don’t be offended at being simple. This is going to come in handy by the time we get to Proverbs 26.

On another note... Cards didn't win in 3 straight, but they do advance to the NLCS winning 3 games to 1 over the Padres. St. Louis heads to NY on Wednesday. Go Cards!


Amy G said...

I am rarely offended at being simple. I feel the most offended when I am faced with the fact that I have lacked judgment. How kind of God to remind us we are not hopeless and Wisdom is calling for us.
By the way we are pumped about our Rush weekend. We will make sure to get pictures. Expecially of Tim's surfing adventure. If anyone would like to see our family come to thegearharts.smugmug.com

heather said...

You ARE in for Friday night. Can you be here by 6 Pm? ;-)
We'll have our own rush weekend. No surfing though. Self preservation.
Okay - I did not know wisdom was one of God's first creations... and that has had me thinking since yesterday. I am continually amazed by how unending the depth of our God is.... He becomes more intimately known... but never even nears being completely known... there is always another 'wow', 'ahah' and 'amazing!' around the corner.
Thanks for providing one for me.

tim rush said...

Amy, so sorry we can't make it this week. I'll get well, and we'll be there next week! We can't wait. Hope you get great pictures of my demise.

Heather, alright, 6 it is. Ha! The self preservation comment made me think about those brief months (I think 2) that we lived in Tulsa together and Jason and I went sledding. Ahh, memories.