Proverbs 28:3

“A ruler who oppresses the poor is like a driving rain that leaves no crops.”

Often, the proverbs speak about kings or rulers. I wonder if we could apply the principle to a more broad sense of leadership. I can’t imagine that the poor in the church are actually oppressed, but it isn’t hard to imagine favoritism being shown to the rich even today. And I don’t think we do it because one has more money than another. Most often it is due to one being closer to us, personally, than another. We generally identify more with those who look like us, verses the really poor.

But what does this verse teach us about favoritism in leadership? When you are a farmer, driving rain is a good thing. It’s just when it keeps up for days on end that it starts to destroy the crops instead of feed them. When we side with those against the poor, even in subtle ways, we lose our ability to feed those we are called to feed and begin to tear them down instead. I guess that would make for a good definition of oppress.

And, Cards Win! Cards Win! Were you all as excited as I was? This is their first World Series win since 1982. 82 just happened to be the first year that I began following the Cardinals (I was 9). And the first year I ever got to go to a game. I’ll never forget watching the San Francisco Giants play pepper before or the size of Reggie Smith’s afro. Or getting then rookie Willie McGee’s autograph. All the kids were yelling for him to come sign stuff and he wouldn’t. My dad asked him to come sign something for Dusty and I. McGee said no cause then he’d have to sign for everyone. Dad said, “No you won’t”. And that was that. He came and signed for Dusty and I and then went on about his business. All the other kids just looked on in awe.


heather said...

Okay - change up for me to comment on the sports.... but I WATCHED IT!! And LOVED it!

Actually I recorded. Shane, our new worship minister said he saw your dad 4 times. I didnt... so I have to go back and rewatch!

Paul Miller said...

Had we been in DF we would have driven up Fri am to spend the weekend and watch the games with you guys. It was pretty awesome! I've got a guy at work who's been a fan since 68, so we've had fun rooting them on.

tim rush said...

Heather, so glad you loved it. It was pretty exciting at our house, though we never saw Dad and Dusty.

Paul, Kristi just mentioned that in an email the other day. Made me pretty sad to think what if. Fun to hear about the 68 fan. That is pretty cool. He's finally been vindicated.