Proverbs 10:11

“The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life, but violence overwhelms the mouth of the wicked.”

By how we speak, we either breathe life into the moment, into the hearts of those who hear, or we bring destruction and violence.

For a minute, don’t even consider your enemies. How about your kids? Your spouse? Your coworkers and friends? Are you a source of life to them? In this context, what choices can we make today to listen to the voice of Wisdom calling out to us, and not Folly?

And just for fun, whom do you know that breathes life into whatever situation? Tell us about them.


Angieq said...

Hey Tim... I have missed you, my friend! I'm back from N'ville & just spent a bit of time reading up on the posts I missed... great conversations here. That makes me so happy! It's so much more than "Adultery is wrong. Don't do it!"

This post reminded me of a conversation I recently had with my friend Kim. She was talking about just feeling starved for encouragement. In her small group someone made a very slight encouraging comment & she felt like she wanted to cry - just overwhelmed by the smallest gesture.

That speaks a lot to me. It's easy to take for granted the words of life when they are commonplace (like when we all lived in Lubbock!). And if we've all moved on to places where the breath of life is still abundant, it may be hard to remember that there are places in the body of Christ that are so lacking.

Neglecting those opportunities to encourage each other as long as it is still called today... can be as devastating as having a wicked mouth, in my opinion.

One another. What a concept!

Angie said...

Angie q? Yeah... not sure what that's all about.

I should've had 2 cups of coffee this morning. Feels like I'm learning to type today!

tim rush said...

Angie Q.

So glad to have you back. I'm not surprised it feels like you're learning how to type. You've been gone for so long. I loved your blog this morning about the ZOE conference... good stuff. I'm trying to figure out how to add it and a few others to the "links".

I was thinking about you when asking the question about who speaks life. You are one of the world's all-time great encouragers.

Angie said...

Tim, I think you and I are the President and Vice President of the Mutual Admiration Society!

But the best part is that God gets all the glory. The very best of you or me is only a dim reflection of what He's all about...

tim rush said...

You know, I love that thought... the best of us/dim reflection. You think that applies to his sense of humor too. It has to doesn't it? I don't think to much about him being funny.

heather said...

Okay...in all honesty...I thought first of your dad. I was unprepared for how his genuineness in this area would completely impact and influence me. Day in, day out, tough or pleasant situation... his hope and confident sincerity are unchanged by his circumstances. And the consistency confirms the realness of it all. It's easy to be nice and encouraging a few days of the week. But he doesn't change when he's sick, or when it gets hard or someone is ugly towards him - and that speaks louder than anything. I've been challenged by his wisdom and truth in this area.
Still loving this Tim... every day!

tim rush said...

Yeah, Heather, I can see what you mean. I'm trying to think of something witty to say to keep him in his place, but you're right... it's like Paul says, and dad quotes, all things are a yes to him.

Amy G said...

My children are coming to a stage they are beginning to be mean to each other. Many things I say to them I think would be appropriate for a sermon. I repeatedly remind them that "we are family, and it is our job to make each others life better, not worse. And we need to treat each other like we want to be treated even if they are not being nice. Would you like it if I stuck a stick up your nose....then please don't stick a stick up his nose" Well the stick up the nose is not relavent to the sermon, but you get the point. Family should be were we are safe and loved; not where we are on our guard for the next attack. I am thankful for my husband that has been merciful to me when a kick in the back side was deserved, and a woman here named Ali Smith who seems to be mercy personified at times. I am humbled at their ability to love. I like being in their family, they make my life better.

tim rush said...

Amy G,

We are pretty sad this morning that we aren't packing up the car to come see you guys. Next week thought!

By the by, I almost got teary eyed reading Angies response to your comment on her blog yesterday. That was pretty cool.