Six Little Cuties!

Clark, Noni (Noel), Cooper, Quincy, Karsyn and Abby at the Turtle sanctuary in Lazaro Cardanas.


Amy G said...

I may be a little biased, but that is one gorgeous bunch. Can you believe some day they are going to grow up?

tim rush said...

I'm bugged the picture looks so washed out. All the kids look cute, but Noni just glows in the original.

heather said...

Okay -
Not having seen Amy & Jeff's kiddos... I could tell even before I read the post who the one on the right belonged to!! WOW!
What a precious bunch!
I love that God gave you that time together.... isn't it amazing that our relationships in Him grow and grow... regardless of where we are?

heather said...

Tim - man, you have ruined me with all your prank calls.
I just did it again.
Someone called the office with a funny voice... asking if Terry was there and making some semi-funny references to the Cardnials. I snickered and 'played along' with your game.
Until I picked up on their confusion to my snicker and realized that 'funny voice' was their real voice and not yours.
Hard to recover after that.
And because I kept waiting for you to say it was you... I didn't take notes on the message.
Blew that one.

Angie said...

Now, that bunch is ready for trouble! Sweet little chunks of Tim, Kim, Jeff and Amy!

Hey Gearharts, I didn't know you call Noelle "Noni!" How precious is that!

tim rush said...

Angie, I think Noni is the cutest name. It comes from Cooper... it was his pronunciation of Noel. (Sorry I'm spelling that wrong Jeff and Amy.)

Oh Heather, you just made my day. I'll see Benjy (the master) later in November and I can't wait to tell him that story.

tim rush said...

I should have just read Angie's comment again... NOELLE