Proverbs 18:24

“A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”

Does anyone else ever feel like they go through stages where they are less likely to build close friendships, and are stuck in the “companion” stage? If so, why does this happen?

Also, feel free to share about your “friend who sticks closer than a brother”. Name some names and tell us why.


The Harris Family said...

I'll speak for myself here... Michelle can post in the morning...

You want names?

Patrick Sheaffer. He taught me what it means to be an "Underwear Brother". Where you are so close and such good friends that you can wrestle around in your underwear and not feel weird. A friend that sticks so close that when you let him drive your boat and he breaks the propeller...you look back at the one-hour together in the water at the back of the boat trying to fix it as a "Good & Fond Memory." Raise your broken propeller piece proudly Pat... I've got mine!


Dusty said...

I've got this friend...he's like the brother I never had!

(Exactly how old were Jason and Pat when they had their pajama party? Tim, bring your underoos this Christmas. It's Smackdown 2006!)

The Harris Family said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I cannot believe my husband just posted that!

The Harris Family said...

Yeah... That's me... There is a closeness that comes through brotherhood. I've known Pat since I was in elementary school, but we've been U.B.s since Pat came out to be in my wedding.

I'm at a truck stop in the central valley of California driving down to a town called Lompoc. I think there was an AIMer from this town. It was a girl... can't remember her name.

I had to stop and get some more fuel and check up on the blog 411... We need to start a blog on "blog addiction: Is It Affecting Your Homelife". I can hear Michelle now...

"Jason used to be such an attentive husband... that is, before he discovered Blogging... Now he just sits in front of the screen waiting to see what people are going to post next."

You know you're addicted as well Michelle my belle. ;-)

Michelle, I love you and I can't wait to talk to you later on tonight...

Anyone been over to "believing thomas'" blog and checked out the You Tube clip of Flight of the Conchords - It's Business Time? Too funny.


tim said...

Jason, I feel weird just reading about it.

Dusty, they are getting a little tight... but look'n good! Smack Down Rocks!

Michelle, I really can't make fun of Jason. Kim is holding a few stories over my head. I've got to be real careful.

by the way, this is Tim, but I'm writing from Lazaro Cardanas at the home of Jeff and Amy (Weaver) Gearheart. And I probably just butchered their name.