Proverbs 29:11

“A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control.”

Oh but it feels so good sometimes to be the fool. From experience though, wouldn't we all agree that that good feeling doesn’t last. Hindsight always shows a better manner in which to have responded. Hindsight after, or Wisdom before.


heather said...

You posted this three times.
Are you trying to tell me something?
Oh Yeah? You come on over here and I'm gonna....
just kidding.

Its funny, I used to be a very volatile person. I hate saying that out loud...its something I'm ashamed of. And while there is SO MUCH in me that still is in training by His Spirit, I enjoy the fruit of submitting to this wisdom....simple calmness has truely turned around a number of ugly situations I have been in..almost unexplainably.
We feel our power is linked to the words we say.... (hence the infamous 'I wish I would have said...) To do the opposite seems to make no sense. And that's the realm He works in.

tim rush said...

Heather, you are right. Simple calmness does have an impact on ugly situations. This weekend I was pulled over, yet again, by cops that wanted a bribe. (This is a fairly common theme in Mexico.) Once before, I got pretty hot with the cop. Nothing good came from that. It was actually kind of scary. This time, I just kept saying, "OK". Nothing more, nothing less. (I'd answer direct questions, but I didn't try to explain any legalities to him.) He was getting really bugged and probably just thought I didn't understand him. He finally threw his hands in the air out of frustration and sent me on my way.