Proverbs 8

Pop quiz: #1. What color are the numbers on the front of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Jerseys?
#2. What does the Bible say is the first thing God created?

If your answers were blue and light, think again. If you bleed Dodger Blue (which I don’t) you know that their jerseys have red numbers on the front. And if you’ve read Proverbs 8, you know that wisdom was the first of all God’s creations (8:22).

Next time you are with a group of people and the Dodgers are on t.v., ask the people to shut their eyes and tell you what color are the numbers on the front of their jerseys. What does this have to do with anything? Well, sometimes wisdom is like that. It is usually obvious, but it still has to be sought after. What I love about Proverbs 8 is that it reminds us that wisdom is, in fact, attainable… if we just make the effort to look.

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