Nutella toast for breakfast...

um, um good!


The Harris Family said...

How cute! Why can't we enjoy food like that?

I see the eye is looking better. That is good.

Thanks for the email address.


Angie said...

Nutella toast?

Shut. up.

I love that stuff!

Anonymous said...

Man...you don't check blogs for a couple of days and look at all this discussion I missed, especially on creative discipline! BTW...love the pics...they are so stinkin cute.

I'd like to say that I'm some expert on the subject of discipline of children since I have some and I'm married to a therapist who worked at the Children's Home as a therapist for years. But basically, at the end of the day, I ask the Lord to forgive me for shortchanging my kids by acting in frustration most of the time, and to help me do better tomorrow. I do apoligize to my kids, alot.

Wish I had time to write about creative ways, but I don't. Gotta pick the kids up from school.

Much love to you Tim and Kim...and to you Harris' family!


tim rush said...

J, what are talking about? I couldn't show the picture of myself cause I wasn't wearing a shirt and it was all over.

Angie, the only thing better than nutella toast is eating it while listening to the cds you sent... especially the acoustic. WOW!

Flee, I should be an expert by now. I've been a parent for 5 years and more importantly, I've been a child for 34 years. Oh well, one day...