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I hate to advertise my evil brother's blog... but you really ought to go over and read it. His post entitled "Fun at the World Series" or something like it has the best line about my dad. Good stuff.



heather said...

I can't believe your humility. But let's be realistic - YOU paved the way for HIM. We all know it. :-)

Thought you'd find this fun, if you haven't seen it already.

And I throw my vote of agreement in there about your wife's nobility. I have enjoyed personally Kim's wisdom beyond years, her sensitivity and humor... patience and insight. She is one of those people who is all too good to be wrapped up in one person.

Amy G said...

I am not a baseball fan. (God says you have to love me anyway) I did however, enjoy your brothers blog and mostly the comment your dad made. My kids (Abby, 4 and Cooper, 3) play candy land. I still have to assist. They think that however makes it to the end wins. So Abby makes it first but as long Cooper and whoever else is playing, still makes it to the end, then they are happy. They say "We all won". This always makes me really happy. I know this is a stupid comparison, but we all have that part in us at times that just want to be able to finish the race. We want to finish even if we come in last and on our knees, and it will be good to know everyone will be so happy that "We all won".

heather said...

Okay. I came back here looking for today's post. Then I wondered if your brother's blog really got you down?
THEN I remembered Proverbs only has 31 chapters.
We're not done are we? Come on... we want MORE!
Seriously... this was a challenge and a blessing.... so when your ready to pick the next book... I know I'm not the only one waiting.

Terry Rush said...

Did this make it on the board?

Terry Rush said...

Yeah, I filled out all kinds of paperwork and my comment made it on the blog! My comment made it on the blog!

Hi Kim! My comment made it on the blog!

Wendy said...

What's up with cardinalterry? Is it a blog? Is it a blog starter kit? What's going on here? Heather, do know anything about this?
Tim, we need a better name for the alliance. What about Vipers?

heather said...

Blog starter kit - you cracked me up!
It was all we could do to get him to register in order to be able to comment on blogs. Seems the requirement of a 'username' and 'password' were just a step to far over demanding the first time around. Especially since the ones he wanted to pick were already taken. (How dare they?)I don't mind sharing that since he used his commenting ability on my blog to insult the earrings I wore to work.
I'd say the ability to comment has been quite an acheivement. I doubt we can currently move him into actually blogging.
Now *you* need a blog, so I can check in with *you*! ( Or *I* need your email! )
Until then we'll just use Tim's blog for "community space". :-)

Angie said...

Tim... say it ain't so, man. The proverbs series went by way too fast. Now that you have such ardent fans as us... what *will* you post next? Oh, the pressure! Good thing we love you... You can't screw up too badly with this bunch!

P.S. I absolutely adore amy g's comment above. Well said, sweet woman!

Cheryl (Willimann) Aston said...

Timmy, I found you on your evil brother's blog. So proud to read your comments. Tell a little about your family. You already said volumes about your wife,Kim--I'm happy you have a great marriage.
Your long ago babysitter from Quincy, IL

Wendy said...

Cardinalterry has had 16 profile views. So at least 16 of us are wondering what that's about. Heather, he might need a little bit more help with his password.
Sincerely, the Panthers
P.S. Tim, how about the Panthers?

tim rush said...

Wendy, the T.O. fan club? No, let's keep looking.

Heather, I'm still going through Proverbs but don't know that I'll post one everyday. But, I am going to get Kim to do a post now and again. She commented on Dusty's about funny things she hears herself saying during the day. So I want her to do a section called, "That's what she said." (line from The Office)

Amy, I remember Cooper yelling, at one point, "I won too". I thought that was really cute.

Cardinalterry, so glad you joined the party. I think you just signed up for your own blog and didn't know it. You know, the next step is a computer in the home.

Angie, what if we do a series on the budget constraints of the Cardinals entering into the free agent signing period. You are a new fan and all.

And Babysitter Cheryl, so nice to hear from you. (I should say that my brother isn't really evil... but if you read a few posts back you'll see that he went to the world series with dad.) I haven't posted any pics in awhile but there are some great ones on here. We have 3 kids, Quincy is 5 and Karsyn and Clark are 2. And they are all too cute for words. What about you? Kids? Still in Quincy?

Dusty said...

Tim, dad doesn't need a computer in the home. He has a laptop. One time he visited us in Conway, and I asked him if he brought his laptop. He said, "No, I like to keep it on my desk." I said, "You know, there's a computer made especially for that. It's called a desktop!"

I think Terry is becoming Mary, if you know what I mean.

tim rush said...

Dusty, you're lucky mom doesn't have access to a computer. She might be a little offended.

Wendy said...

Tim, someone told Mom.
Mom wants in the alliance.
the Scorpions

Dusty said...

I wonder who told mom. Who could it be? Who stood to profit the most from mom's knowing?

tim rush said...

Wendy, The Renegades! And our motto is "Rock On!"