Proverbs 12:1

“Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid.”

Again, Solomon says some stuff…

Did you know that in Mexico, “stupid” is a very dirty word? And the Spanish translation is “Estupido”. So, if you slip up and say it in English, you haven’t fooled anyone.

Solomon seems to be doing a slow dance on my toes with this one. But I think that’s his point. I think he wants to correct and see if we’ll listen or not. Perhaps I don’t have to love correction… oh wait, is that the same as discipline? Can this be something I grow to love?

This takes me back to earlier chapters. Wisdom is a journey. Wisdom and Folly call out to me. Will I listen to Wisdom’s correction when Folly would be much, much easier to stomach?


Dusty said...

I don't think discipline and correction are necessarily the same things. Wouldn't you say that discipline can sometimes be like training. It can be a difficulty endured, not because of something you did wrong, but because you need to be prepared for God's work in you?

In these instances, I think it is very possible to love discipline. When going through a difficult time, if we come to realize that the Creator of the world is molding us - even in the tears, there is awe and joy. Wow, God is working on little ol' me? And, wow, God has plans for me? Know what I mean?

Angie said...

Well said, Dusty... about the difference between discipline and correction.

Playing scales and etudes as practice for playing a larger, more complicated musical piece is a discipline. Preparing for a marathon requires disciplining the body (not that I've ever done either! I'm all talk!) Then there are the spiritual disciplines (fasting, prayer etc.)

I think hating correction is a pride issue... "I don't want anyone to tell me anything different, b/c I wanna do this my way. I AM RIGHT." Yeah, I'd say that would warrant a word as strong as stupid.

Personally... I don't hate correction (used to - BIG TIME!). It's very freeing to realize we're all wrong about something. But I know God is calling me to live a more deeply disciplined life, and I've been really reluctant and selfish about surrendering. I keep asking myself... Well, WHEN am I just going to give in and allow Him to do this work in me?

I'm so stubborn. (I'm a taurus!)

tim rush said...

Angie, I should let you know that when talking to a Rush, anything about music goes right over our heads. I thought "etudes" must be a typo.

The funny thing about correction is that I know I'm not always right. So why is it I'm bugged if someone points out one of those times?

Dust, I know what you mean. The discipline made me think of Coach McNutt. We weren't a great basketball team, but boy could we run with the best of um.

...so how would you tie that into discipleship? We may not be the most righteous, but boy we can _______ with the best of um. I guess you could fill that blank with any of the fruits of the Spirit.