Proverbs 2

Proverbs 2:1-5
“My son, if you accept my words and store up my commands within you… then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God.”

Reading these verses causes me to evaluate the time I spend with my kids. Solomon offers his son the understanding of the fear of the Lord and the knowledge of God. What am I purposefully offering Quincy, Karsyn and Clark?

Moms and dads, what is one thing that you’ve tried to do to encourage your children in their own search for God?

Those without kids, share something you’ve seen in others or experienced with your own parents that you would like to one day pass on to your children.

Or, think in terms of mentoring. Is there something you continually try to share with younger Christians?


Angie said...

No kiddos here... but I have nothing but high praises for parents. I can't begin to imagine the weight of that responsibility!

So, from the angle of mentoring others... I guess my contribution is helping others to deconstruct any wrong perceptions of God they've picked up along the way.

So, you can screw 'em up and then send them to me! ;-)

Seriously though... It's so hard to boil Christianity down to a list of essential elements... I'll just say that the thing that has impacted me the most in my Christian life is witnessing the lives of people who genuinely enjoy God. I mean... I can actually see their pleasure and joy. Their faces light up when they talk about God. Their eyes fill with tears when they tell of what He's done in their lives. The air is full of laughter as they don't take church and religion so seriously... They are for real. And I cannot get enough of that.

tim rush said...

There is an interesting connection, Angie, when connecting your last comment with this one. You ended with “FEAR - it’s not just for the damned”. And here mention the beauty of laughter among God’s people. God calls us to such an interesting balance of fear and life, grace and truth.

You’re right, when you are with Christians who laugh; you know there is something special going on.

Dusty said...

The health of my children's future marriages will stem less from specific words of advice and guidance from me and more from the health of my marriage with Crystal. At least, that's what I believe.

So, isn't the same true in terms of relationship with God? My kids will bennefit most from watching me have a wonderful relationship with God.

I think that's what the Terry and Mary passed on to us. They were always so thankful to get to be a part of God's Kingdom. And that joy and thankfulness was contagious.

Sure, they could have given advice about what not to write on the chalk board in school, or how not to get fired from a cushy job at a water park, or where one should definitely not shoot rubber-bands. OK, scratch what I said before. It's good advice that is needed most! Wow, what were mom and dad thinking?

Wendy said...

Yeah, this is probably why I don't blog. Fear of Dusty.

tim rush said...

Speechless Dusty, just speechless. Some pretty good words followed by an incoherent rant of things I have no recollection of.

I think something that goes hand in hand with The Terry and Mary’s enjoyment of the Kingdom was their honesty about difficult times in the Kingdom. I think we all remember Dad sitting us down to tell us he might get fired the next day for what he was going to preach, but he still had to preach it. That was heavy on us little guys, but made an impression that stayed with us.

By the way, why are we calling them “The Terry and Mary”?

Wendy, to answer your email earlier, I think any time would be a good time to tell the story of Dusty and the tractor. I think if you work it right, that story can illustrate, in one way or the other, the majority of the proverbs.