Proverbs 16:3

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.”

I struggle with how far to take this. So many people have so many different ideas as to how one should go about ministry. And your way of doing it isn’t right! I think that if you’ve committed your plans to the Lord, HE will succeed. Still, I don’t want to blindly stick my head in the sand and not study out what might be the better way.

One thing that I am becoming more convinced of, though, is that we shouldn’t mock anyone else’s ministry dreams, no matter how far removed they might be from ours.

And as for my Cardinals... rough night! Still, we know that even if we get beat tomorrow, we will come around to Carpenter and Suppan in the rotation. (At least Carp.) The bad news is that our bullpen has been figured out. I'm afraid that spells doom. The bright spot for Monday is that Glavin has an awful record with only 3 days rest. Weaver, who knows?


The Harris Family said...

It is interesting how different versions translate this verse. Here's some examples:

Commit your works to the LORD and your plans will be established.

Young's Literal
Roll unto Jehovah thy works, And established are thy purposes,

I think what is key in every translation is that we should commit our works/actions/plans/purposes to the Lord. Everything we purpose to do in life should be committed to God.

I've heard some interpret this verse as a "give it to God and you'll get what you want" type proverb. I think you've got it right Tim that it is He that will succeed. If our plans are the Lord's then God will bring about success. Maybe not success as we measure success, but success as God measures success. If I decide to open up a coffee shop in Mexico (props to the Brednich's) and I give that work to the Lord, then God will use it to bring about success. The detractors might say that it's silly for a missionary to open a coffee shop in Mexico... I mean come on, "missionaries" aren't on the field to start businesses right?

Wrong... We're each called to give our all to God and let Him use us as tools for His kingdom. Our life is a success if we are used by God to accomplish His purposes. I think that is how our plans are "established" or "successful."

Good stuff Tim. Sorry for the long post.


Jeff G. said...

I've always loved this verse and I am getting about three days ahead of you by adding proverbs 19:21 "Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails". In the NAS the second part of this verse says "But the counsel of the Lord will stand". We commit to God what we do and we ask for His counsel and blessing... and Prov. 16:3 says "your plans will succeed" We have many plans and different ideas in each one of us and that IS how God designed us! Praise him! When God counsels us and gives us His blessing we GO WITH GOD. This is the most important part... Go with God. Prov. 19:21 suggests that his purpose prevails or his counsel will stand. Therefore, if we deviate from Gods plan his purpose will still prevail... without us. His counsel is true and will stand ANY test. It will stand the test that rests in each heart of every person. The heart that can adore Jesus and the heart that can wish someone dead. It is incredibly important for us to seek Gods counsel to commit everything to him because He is true and good and just and a giver of good gifts and a fulfiller of dreams (psalms 37:4) And like everything else... all that is required of us is to talk to God about it first and to put him first. WE are here on earth to glorify Him and honor him for all he has done for us.

Tim... you are dead on about not mocking others for their dreams, ultimately if God created them... he created their dreams. Mock them...mock God? We as Gods children should always look for the truth and better ways to do things but not better than another person or ministry... better than we have done in the past. The comparison is to ourselves when we talk about doing something better!!

Love you Tim and appreciate your words and studies. Go Cards!

Angie said...

You boys rock! I'm taking notes!

I honed in on the "different ideas as to how one should go about ministry" part of your post. Too many times different ideas result in yucky church and ministry splits when the focus is on OUR plans rather than HIS success...

Disagreement is not a bad thing (though people's reactions can be very bad!). Paul and Barnabas (both committed to the Lord) couldn't agree about poor ol' John Mark, so they called it splitsville and ended up spreading the love in different ways in different areas.

It's all about HIS success through us... Don't get me started on how people have latched on to Jabez and Joel Osteen while seeking their advancement rather than God's... It can get twisted.

But God can use anything and anyone, can't He?! Even ME!

tim rush said...

J, don't worry about the long post... as long as you've got good stuff. Change of subject... talking about blatent disobedience, try turning 2 2-year olds' cribs into normal beds and trying to make them stay in them for naps. At one point (after about 3 or 4 spankings) I go in to find Clark fussing at Karsyn as she is physically trying to pull him out of his bed.

Jeff, we're on our way! Well, almost. Look forward to seeing you Wednesday.

Angie, invitation still stands. You can fly into Guadalajara tomorrow and drive down to visit Jeff and Amy with us on Wednesday. ROAD TRIP!!!