Proverbs 3:21-22

“My son, preserve sound judgment and discernment, do not let them out of your sight; they will be life for you, an ornament to grace your neck.”

I don’t know why, but the phrase, “an ornament to grace your neck” stuck out at me this morning. For some reason it just made sense that wisdom is something that we see displayed in the lives of people, as if it were a necklace that you could not help but notice and admire. Faces began flooding my mind; subtle reminders of men and women who wear such a necklace.

Whose face are you picturing right now? Why?

On another note… The Cardinals and Padres play game one of the NLDS today at 3:00 Guadalajara time. (We are in the same time zone as Texas and Oklahoma.) Perhaps I’m blinded by loyalty, but I’m saying the Cards win in 3. If Duncan hits a homerun in the 1st, you’ll know I’m on to something.


Monica Fox said...

In this age of constant business, in dealing with my children, I have to slow down and remember the role God has given me as Mother and Wife in regards to my example set for my children and husband. Man it's hard, but I have found slowing down helps with my patience and attention and remembering what God has given me. Keeping sound wisdom and discretion in mind while dealing with my kids is a daily challenge. There are very few that come to mind when I think of those who wear this necklace. Mainly i think of those in Portugal that we worked with. So much of the world has crept into the body, these people are hard to find. I pray for myself in these areas and relationships that lend themselves to growth.
God bless you and your family.
Thank you for letting me know about this.

Angie said...

(First of all, HEY MONICA!!! Great to read your comment. It's obvious you are making the greatest investment of all by parenting with a heart like HIS! I love you, woman!)

Great question, Tim! The face that comes to my mind these days is a friend I met through blogging named Pam. Her blog used to emphasize her perspective as the wife of a husband who feels attracted to men but who has committed to surrendering that to God and being faithful in marriage to her. Recently he decided to leave her for another man... Devastation. You would think that her testimony to what God is able to do (and her blog!) might crumble... but it's stronger than ever. She's not exempt from the deep pain of the situation, but God's wisdom reigns in her life and drives every decision that is being made to benefit their kids.

I think what makes her so unique is that the beauty of her necklace is admired by so many different people... gay, straight, ex-gay/overcomers... not just to the people who believe just like she does. When all this came down... everyone showed up to comment that she would be in their prayers. It brought me to tears... I think Jesus had that quality... so attractive to everyone in the world, not a select few.

Pam lives that elusive balance of grace and truth. People know that she believes homosexuality is a sin, but they are overwhelmed by the grace and love she showers to everyone without condition. I LOVE THAT!


tim rush said...

Monica, thank you so much for showing up. Since reading your note this morning I just kept thinking about times in Pam and Manuel's house. (Not to be confused with the Pam that Angie mentions.) They are a true couple full of grace and wisdom.

And Ang, thanks for your comment. Wow. It is one thing to speak Christ and another to live Him in the worst of circumstances. Pam sounds like she's doing just that.

Also, next time you comment, would you mind including your blog address? I think everyone should be reading your stuff.

heather said...

Tim - LOVE THIS. Absolutely LOVE it.
You made me think of Kent and Sharla Marcum. Their wisdom seemed always displayed because in my memory, their faces were never hardened, no matter what they dealt with. I loved that. Pensive, smiling, patiently waiting while listening... numerous encounters come to mind that I look back on and, when I insert my own face in over theirs as if I were in their position.....well, I could have done a lot of damage by my reactions. Thanks for bringing that memory and inspiration up again.

And thanks.... for purposeful, fun, sincere writing that lets us connect with you. God does amazing things through you both... and it blesses us.

tim rush said...

Heather, thank you so much for coming to my little party on the web.

I don't know the Marcums very well, but your comments are in line with everything I've heard about them.

By the by, did you know that Jenny Reyes (Marcum) just had a baby boy? I think his name is Zion.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's an AIM reunion on the Rush files!!

Tim...i'm really enjoying the Proverbs discussion. And Kim, your kids are precious...put more pics on please!! I can't believe you have three kids. I can't believe I have three kids somedays.

Anywho..I was picturing Todd's dad, Tom, who passed away seven years ago this past Feb. I didn't know him very long, but the time I did know him, he was so wise and patient and insightful. This was affirmed at the funeral and the days to follow as so MANY others expressed the same sentiment about him. He affected others without even trying to and always left a strong impression, even during his illness. I wish I would have had more time with him.

Angie said...

Tim, my blog addy should be available thru the link connected to my name. Let me know if it's not coming thru... And when did you get so sweet? You're my new best friend. Call me every 10 minutes!



tim rush said...

Flee, when the Burns were about to have their 3rd, Kim and I were talking about them like they were about to be overwhelmed by kids. After a few minutes one of us said to the other, "Wait a minute, we have 3 too!" Since we only had two pregnancies, sometimes we forget how many kids we actually have. There is something about a 3rd child though that makes you seem much older than you feel.