Proverbs 23:17

“Do not let your heart envy sinners, but always be zealous for the fear of the Lord.”

Envy is the crossroad where we decide which path to follow; Wisdom or Folly. It isn’t just a matter of guarding ourselves from envy either. Instead of just standing still at the crossroad we are to pursue the path called Fear of the Lord.

On another note… we’re home. We had a wonderful time with Jeff and Amy. I’m telling ya, if you have a free weekend, you really ought to drop in on them. And I’d pick the coldest time of the year for you. Cause then you will really appreciate the smoking weather there.

We took all the kids to a turtle sanctuary where we were able to release baby turtles into the ocean. So fun! And we spent another day at the beach where Jeff tried to teach me how to surf. I’m a bit slow when it comes to anything requiring coordination, but he was a great and patient teacher. It was a blast!

I should add… those two are the nicest hosts. They let us sleep in their bed as their room is the only one with air conditioning. And they gave us their Jeep to drive home as our Taurus didn’t handle the drive down to well (but that’s another story). But, that just means we get to see them again in a week or so when the Taurus is ready. They offered to drive it half way to trade cars.


Jeff and Amy G said...

Hey, Just thought I'd pipe in and say, you are very generous with your words and thank you. We had a blast here with you guys and look forward to future visits too! One thing I didn't get to see was the pictures Kim took of you surfing... please post or send a few to me. Glad you had a good time. Our kids are still talking about your kids and said a prayer for them tonight at dinner. Thank you for making time to come see us. It means a lot to us. Love you guys..... Jeff and Amy

tim rush said...

Hey, I tried to email you guys today but it came back to me. I guess I've got the old address. Could you email me?

And I'll post a picture, though you might not be able to make it out. Kim said it was too far away. But we'll see.

Thanks again for the great weekend.