Proverbs 11:22

“Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout is a beautiful woman who shows no discretion.”

First of all, doesn’t Solomon say some things out loud that we would shy away from?

When I read, “shows no discretion" , I immediately think of how a woman dresses, or how she presents herself. So this verse often helps me in my battle with lust. When I’m tempted to lust after a woman dressed rather scantily, I try to agree with Solomon about the woman offering herself up for the world to look at. It’s harder to lust after someone I just feel sorry for.

And now, raising a beautiful little girl (see picture below), how do I train her to go against all that’s popular, all that’s in style? It seems like our culture keeps pushing the envelope so far that discretion is no longer an option. And believe it or not, the objectification of women as sexual play things is even more pronounced in the Mexican culture.


Also, when you read the above verse, and you hear “shows no discretion” , does something else come to mind?


Angie said...

Amazing how ancient proverbs can be so "today!"

As I sit here in my tight low rise pants, thong and midriff baring halter top, I'm really giving some thought to what you're saying...

Yeah right! I'm not a "muffin top" kind of girl! :-) Being overweight has kept me more discreet than I might have been if I were hot. So, I speak as an onlooker.

When I hear discretion, I definitely think of modesty first, but also a person's conduct and speech - whether or not they show discernment in knowing when to shut up (which I, obviously do not have!).

To me, all these things are indicators of something underneath that is looking for expression. Kinda like, "I don't know how to be vulnerable enough to tell you what I really need, so I'll just get your attention with this..."

Yeah, it's hard to see butt cleavage as a spiritual cry for help, but I think it is.

So, little girls need to be filled with all the things that give them identity in Christ, lacking nothing. And God willing, they won't search for it in unmentionable ways...

Proverbs: More than Chinese fortune cookie sayings!

I'm with Heather... just loving this, Tim!

Amy G said...

I think what a woman wears says a lot, but I don't think totally of her clothing here. One could be dressed appropriately and lack sound judgment,good sense, forethought or, caution...or discretion. They are careless, thoughtless and rash (help from my thesaurus). I would love to confine this to clothing. I would be more safe from rebuke. Unfortunately, this is a much harder verse on a woman than what she picked out to put on this morning.
Angie you have the most classic comments. You always make my day better.

James said...

I distinctly remember us doorknocking in Paris, Texas. We made a pact that we would do our best to marry attractive women. Guess that means 1)we weren't very spiritual, seeing that we were talking about good looking women in stead of praying for open hearts behind those doors, and 2) we both still got what we wished for! God's good in spite of us!

I like that God didn't knock beauty itself. (Remember, the whole "very good" thing...) But like most other things, it's Satan getting ahold of something and running with it. Earlier in the chapter, verse 16, "A kindhearted woman gains respect..." How true. God looks inward...and we have to train ourselves to do that as well.

Two college-age girls came in today, they live in another area, and hadn't been to our place in years. By the way they were dressed, for their age, they were going to either a funeral or a club. Sure enough, they were going to a funeral the next town over. Sweet girls (I'm transitioning to "Daddy" instead of "typical guy" when I use terms like that) but I don't know if it was my upbringing or, again, the Daddy in me that thought, "wow, funeral? Huh?" Was I being judgemental? Sure I was...until...got back to the office...and saw your chapter for today and the verse you landed on...I chuckled.

Thanks for the chuckle...and a glimpse into his Word.

tim rush said...

Angie, your discription reminded me of Kim telling a poor girl (college age)at a basketball game in Amherst that her underwear (thong) was showing. Kim felt so bad for the girl cause everyone behind her was making fun of her. Later, when I told Kim that it was actually in style and that the girl was showing her underwear on purpose, she just couldn't believe it. It made me rather proud of her that she was that pure in heart.

Amy, good stuff. Makes me think of Karsyn. If I focus just on the clothes, I'll miss the bigger picture.

And James... man, I was almost in tears laughing at the Paris door knocking. I can't say I remember that, but I sure can't deny it happened. When I would get really upset working with bone-headed AIMers, all I had to do was think back on my days in AIM and mercy would just seem to flow. Ok, maybe it didn't flow, but I had a lot less ground to get angry with them.

james said...

Guess I won't forward the Frederick's Costume Email Alert.

Is all SPAM bad?


For the record, I deleted it.

Anonymous said...

"Yeah, it's hard to see butt cleavage as a spiritual cry for help, but I think it is."

Sorry... nothing major to add spiritually, however, Angie Burns... You Rock! This comment made me laugh sooo hard and probably will help me smile all week. I have cringed over butt cleavage but it was not of a spiritual nature.

Like Flee... I'm anonymously Jeff G

tim rush said...

Jeff G,
Have you heard the story of Pat Sheafer's boy seeing the woman with much chest cleavage? She was rather endowed with a very low cut shirt and she kept leaning over the counter to talk to him. Finally he asked his dad, "daddy, why does that woman have a bottom on her chest?"

Jeff G said...

Tim... NO I haven't heard the story til now and I can only wish I was there to actually hear those words come out of his mouth... however, if I had been there I would have laughed so loud I probably would have offended the woman myself. Thanks for the stories and we look forward to many more when you guys come.

tim rush said...

Dude, I can't wait! I actually went to the doctor yesterday. He said I need surgery (tonsils)but gave me some good drugs to clear it up. Gotta love the good drugs!

Jeff G said...

Doctors...hmmm... now there is a blog subject for the future. Glad you are feeling better, even if induced by a little help from our friend "narcotic". What is your opinion on needing surgery? He wants to take em out eh?

tim rush said...

I say reach in there with both hands and give it a good yank! I think they've been needing to come out for, say, 25 years. Perhaps I'll go back and see him next week before we come down. If he sees them after 5 days of our friend "narcotic" and still thinks they should come out, which I'm betting he will, I'll set a date. Maybe he can take them out just after we get back. That ought to give me time to heal before the missionary retreat in November.